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Awareness reveals our reaction to life. Self-awareness helps us understand what's really trying to get our attention and why, and supports us in responding with presence, clarity and creativity.

Show Notes:
On today’s show I’m talking about the difference between awareness and self-awareness and why the distinction is important.

Deepak Chopra teaches that no matter what is happening in our experience, we’re in one of 3 mental states:

  • unconscious
  • aware
  • self-aware

The shift from unconscious to aware can be challenging, because now you’re awake to your struggle, but still caught in it. Ego can use awareness to keep you looping around in an attempt to control or fix your experience.

Self-awareness takes you deeper into your experience and helps you process what’s happening so that you can stay in the flow of life and create with whatever is showing up in your world.

Join me to hear a story about how I got caught in the loop, and how self-awareness helped me reconnect with myself and life from a place of curiosity, kindness and care.

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