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Guiding Rage Into Power with Bernard Moss

May 09, 2021

Guiding Rage Into Power with Bernard Moss
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When Bernard Moss was 22 years old, he was convicted of attempted murder and spent 28 years in San Quentin prison. 23 years into his sentence, he engaged in a year long program called GRIP, which ultimately led to his release from prison and his current career as a facilitator of the GRIP program to men still serving sentences. 

In today’s interview, Bernard shares a compelling account of his life in the culture of guns and drugs, the continuation of his life of crime while in prison and the powerful rehabilitation program that transformed his life.

GRIP is an acronym for Guiding Rage Into Power, a program that was created to support healing and transformation for incarcerated people and their victims/survivors. 

Students embark on an in-depth journey to comprehend the origins of their violence and develop skills to track and manage strong impulses rather than acting out in harmful ways. They transform destructive beliefs and behaviours into an attitude of emotional intelligence that prevents re-victimization.

 The GRIP Program has a 99.7% success rate. It began in 2012 at San Quentin and has since expanded to 5 institutions.

Today’s Guest:

Bernard Moss is a GRIP Facilitator, a peacemaker, and an expert in violence prevention, mindfulness, and emotional Intelligence. Bernard was one of the first to go through and graduate the GRIP program at San Quentin. After he graduated he went on to facilitate three GRIP groups. He was granted parole after 28 years and currently facilitates GRIP at Deuel Vocational Institute, and Mule Creek State Prison.

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GRIP: Guiding Rage into Power WEBSITE
Bernard Moss - GRIP Facilitator

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