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Staying Curious and Creative in Moments of Fear: Part 2

May 15, 2020

Staying Curious and Creative in Moments of Fear: Part 2
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Episode Summary:
Today’s show looks at shifting out of fear into curiosity, and moving from a sense of powerlessness into confident connection with your creativity, your agency, and your infinite capacity to support your well-being in any situation.

Show Notes:

What if this global pandemic is here to bust open our blind spots, and connect us with something we’ve really been missing, that we now have the opportunity to claim back

What if, rather than certainty, curiosity becomes the compass that guides your life? 

It strikes me that this is what’s up for us now. We’re in the midst of a profound opportunity to shake up the status quo.

This is a moment to remember who we really are.

The first half of the show busts the trap of unquestioned fear. You’ll learn: 

  • two misperceptions most of us believe that fuel powerlessness and anxiety
  • the value in being present with your fear, and getting clear why it’s here for you
  • how to shift from being caught in fear to being in powerful conversation with it
  • what you can do in, times of uncertainty, to support your well being

The second half of the show delves into creativity:

  • the myth and mystery around it in our culture
  • what it is, and what it isn’t
  • why it’s true that YOU are a deeply creative being
  • the toxicity of valuing work over play, and how to reclaim your inherent, creative, playful nature

The show closes with a few powerful questions to reflect on in your life, as we continue to find our way forward in the uncertainty of this global pandemic.

Listen to Part 1 here:
Staying Curious and Creative in Moments of Fear: Part 1

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