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Staying Curious and Creative in Moments of Fear: Part 1

April 26, 2020

Staying Curious and Creative in Moments of Fear: Part 1
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There’s a virus running parallel to the Coronavirus. It’s the energetic virus of fear and anxiety, and it attacks our natural resilience and weakens our immune system. The good news is there’s a powerful antidote that we have direct access to.

Today’s show focuses on why toxic fear patterns perpetuate, how we can build our immunity to them. The episode ends with a short guided mindfulness practice to get you grounded in your calm, wise, creative self.

Show Notes:
On today’s show I talk about how the Coronavirus is agitating and illuminating ego driven, fear fuelled pattens that are part of being human—and how to meet them powerfully when they get activated.

We have a tendency to distort the experience of fear into a sustained, repeating, unchanging narrative, which perpetuates a state of stress and wreaks havoc with our immune systems.

Let's explore why we generate negative emotional states, why "getting rid of them" is an ineffective, short term strategy - and a better way to go when you want to stay grounded, clear, and creative in the midst of uncertainty.

The episode finishes with a short guided mediation to support you in connecting with a place of calm to anchor to. Once you know this place in yourself, you’ll know how to find your way back to it, and you can use it to build a practice of coming home to your okay-ness in any moment.

*Note: The 5 minute meditation begins at 26:15.

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