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Tracking Enchantment: Open Your Heart to Delight

January 01, 2021

Tracking Enchantment: Open Your Heart to Delight
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Show Notes:

A little more magic and enchantment is exactly what we need in the world right now. How do we stop waiting for it to appear from outside of us, and bring our own willingness to be enchanted to the very moments we’re currently in?

Today’s show explores how we’ve disconnected from our capacity for wonder, and how to get it back. We’re surrounded by opportunities for enchantment in everyday moments but we’re often too busy, too anxious or too lost in our stories to perceive it.

In turning toward wonder, we can reconnect with the spark of magic that’s always alive within us ~ and remember how to trust enchantment more than the strategies of protection and control that keep us from it.

Links to things mentioned:

Short video of “In Search of Christmas Spirit”
The talented creators of “In Search of Christmas Spirit”
Mark Nepo interview on Good Life Project

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