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The Wisdom of Heartbreak with Jessica Waite

November 01, 2021

The Wisdom of Heartbreak with Jessica Waite
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Show Notes:

My guest today is Jessica Waite, author, friend and all around remarkable soul. Jess was my first guest on the podcast last year, sharing a captivating and vulnerable story of losing the love of her life.

A year and a half later, she’s back, brighter, clearer and wiser than ever. In today’s conversation we explore:

  • discovering a more intimate relationship with yourself through loss 
  • trusting grief as an ally in your own evolution
  • what happens inside of us when we lose something or someone we love
  • parallels between addiction and grief
  • the magic of avatars: what’s really going on when we love each other
  • experiencing belonging through deep presence with the world

Links from today’s show:
TYE1: The Power of Love Beyond Death with Jessica Waite
Jessica’s Endless Stories Website
Jess’ Secret Book Page
John Vervake - Awakening From the Meaning Crisis

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Jessica Waite


Jessica Waite believes in the transformative power of writing through grief.

She lives in Calgary with her son and their enormous and very cuddly rescue mutt. She’s currently working, in secret, on her first memoir: https://www.storymourning.com/a-secret-book.html