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Philip Shepherd is an international authority on embodiment and author of New Self, New World - Recovering our Senses in the 21st Century and Radical Wholeness - The Embodied Present and the Ordinary Grace of Being. 
This is a specially curated edition of a more extensive interview I had with Philip back in August of 2020. In today's conversation he  shares guidance and tools for shifting from the head driven strategies of control and order to an embodied and deep connection with the present moment. He offers thought-provoking wisdom on these important questions:

  • If our essential nature is wholeness then why do we act against the whole in service of our own best interests?
  • Rather than striving for answers, how can we formulate meaningful questions in a world of disinformation, divisiveness, polarization and chaos?
  • How do we stay in connection as we navigate diverse perspectives and challenging dialogues?
  • Why do we lapse back into old patterns, and how do we choose the thing we know is better for us?  
  • How do we access our body's inherent wisdom and find creative ways forward in times of crisis and social uprising?
  • Does Philip feel we're headed for self-termination and if so, how does he orient to that possible reality?

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Great chance to hear Philip LIVE!
Saturday February 26th, 2022 at 11am MT.

He’ll be leading an insightful hour long talk and a guided practice which will support you in experiencing a softer receptive state of awareness that enables you to listen to the world through your body.

You'll also learn about his new 7-week live video course on how to radically embody your humanity and wholeness for greater healing, alignment, and clarity within yourself and the world. *If you can’t make the call you’ll still receive a recording.

Listen to our original, full length interview:
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Radical Wholeness and Embodied Activism with Philip Sheperd - Part 2

Today’s Guest: 

Philip Shepherd’s unique techniques have been developed to transform our disconnected experience of self and world. The practices of TEPP help people reunite the thinking of the head with the deep, present and calm intelligence of the body. Philip’s approach helps you listen to the world through the body, and come to know what the body most deeply understands: that it belongs to the world. Philip’s website: PhilipSheperd.com

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Philip Shepherd

Author / Founder of The Embodied Present Process

Philip Shepherd is the author of two books, Radical Wholeness and New Self, New World, and co-author of Deep Fitness, released October, 2021.

He also originated The Embodied Present Process (TEPP), which is taught in workshops, retreats and Facilitators Trainings worldwide. TEPP introduces over a hundred gentle, unique practices to help people overcome the effects of our disembodied culture, which dulls us to self and world. As people learn through the practices to re-sensitize their body to the present, they learn to ground their being in its natural, awakened calm.

Find out more at EmbodiedPresent.com.