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Embracing a Caring Culture - with Nicole Huguenin

January 22, 2021

Embracing a Caring Culture - with Nicole Huguenin
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For the last 8 years, Nicole Huguenin has stepped away from the structures and systems that favour money as the primary currency of exchange, and chosen to live by the tenants of the circular and gift economies. 

Moving in a world of alternate currencies such as connection, generosity, trust and co-creation she’s discovered that:

  • healing our personal trauma and helping others navigate theirs are inextricably connected

  • taking better care of each other isn’t limited to the realms of fundraising, policy making and institutional structures

  • bringing our natural kindness to the world and making relationships the most important thing is essential medicine for the social issues of disconnection, homelessness, addiction and suicide.

Nicole shares an inspiring story of a painful adolescent trauma that was re-activated and transformed through the sovereignty she’s gained on this path.

She’s an advocate for building the freedom in our lives to move to where care is needed, because she believes it’s what enables us to perceive where our unique gifts, strengths and talents are best directed and shared.

*Note: Nicole briefly speaks to personal experiences of rape and a street attack in this conversation.

Links mentioned in today’s show:

Under1000Skies: A website that connects homeless creatives to each other and to the world through showcasing their photography, artwork and poetry.

Nicole’s Patreon page

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