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Cancel Culture, Connection and Clear Sense Making

September 04, 2020

Cancel Culture, Connection and Clear Sense Making
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Episode Summary:

As soon as we commit to a point of view, we’ve shifted out of an ever-evolving, ongoing sense making and into the perceived safety of certainty. Clarity requires a willingness to die to what you believed this morning as you open to integrate the new insights that appear throughout the day.

Show Notes:

On today’s show I’m looking at the polarization, divisiveness and cancel culture that we’re currently navigating in our public discourse.

I’m sharing some thoughts from a brilliant thinker I’ve recently been introduced to named Daniel Schmachtenberger. Daniel is an evolutionary philosopher and a social engineer who sheds light on the fact that we live in a disinformation ecology.

His primary message is that is that we have gotten sloppy and lazy in our personal sense-making. We've come to defer responsibility for the integrity of our information to:

  • external authority
  • the experts
  • the political party that we're aligned with
  • the news media that we follow
  • the in-group that we belong to

We aren’t tracking the full epistemology of the information we're consuming, and as a result we’re not clear specifically why we believe what we believe.

Daniel offers sound guidance about how to reclaim our sovereignty and our personal capacity to evaluate the complexity of our world, so that we truly empowered to collectively work together to address the issues humanity is up against.

Links/Awesome Humans mentioned in the episode:

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