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Trusting the Disruptive Energy of Change: Part 3

April 15, 2021

Trusting the Disruptive Energy of Change: Part 3
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Episode Summary:
Opening to change and following its urge creates a momentum that takes on a life of its own and leads us beyond what our current perspective can imagine. 

The conclusion of this 3 part series on initiatory experience explores how to navigate transition with curiosity and trust that there are always bigger forces at work and magic afoot.

Show Notes:
Today’s show tracks the final phase of the arc of transition, including:

  • leaping into the mystery and landing on your feet
  • releasing “first adulthood” achievements to pursue the soul’s calling
  • Bill Plotkin’s 3 stages of spiritual development 
  • the invitation and challenge of Vision Quest
  • perceiving the emergent possibilities revealed through soul encounter

Links to things mentioned:
Animas Valley Institute
Bill Plotkin books
Sarah Kerr Soul Passages Website

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