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Trusting the Disruptive Energy of Change: Part 1

March 20, 2021

Trusting the Disruptive Energy of Change: Part 1
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Disruptive energy is woven into the fabric of our lives. It alerts us that we’re being called away from life as we know it in order to discover something new about ourselves and about this experience of human-ing.

Most of us avoid, resist and try to control change, and in doing so we miss the deeper and truer aspect of self that is trying to emerge. Choosing to ride the waves of the unexpected with genuine curiosity--and trusting change as an ally not an enemy--takes us on an adventure of our own becoming.

Today’s show is Part 1 of a story of choosing change, and leaning into a framework that served as a steady handrail and a powerful torch to light the dark passages of doubt and hesitation. 

The Map of the Archetypal Cycles of Initiation is a brilliant structure created by Sarah Kerr, PhD. It’s designed to support you in navigating the chaos of change, and serves as a guide as you leave the comfort zone on a quest toward your authentic self.

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Sarah Kerr’s on demand online class:
Grief and Loss as Initiation

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