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The Magic of Creating Your Own Good Luck with Linh Huynh

February 16, 2021

The Magic of Creating Your Own Good Luck with Linh Huynh
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In November 2014, Linh Huynh, spurred on by her unwavering commitment to crafting a life of daring and wonder, became the 1st Canadian woman to complete the Four Deserts Ultramarathon Series,  four 250 km, self-supported, 7 day races through the hottest, driest and windiest deserts on earth. 

In doing so in one calendar year, she became the 1st Canadian woman and the 8th woman in history to complete it as a Grand Slam. 

Her marathon adventure started in 2011 when she won a writing contest through CBC, who then sponsored her to compete in the Antarctic Ice Marathon. In 2013, she completed the North Pole Marathon and became the first Canadian woman to finish a marathon at both poles, and that ignited the goal to accomplish the Four Deserts Series.

Her ambitious journey began when her family arrived in Canada in 1980 as part of the mass exodus of boat people fleeing Vietnam. The freedom and safety that came with her new home sparked a quest in her to courageously challenge her own limits.

Join us as shares a hilarious, moving and remarkable account of how she defied circumstance to make her goal happen, and in doing so conjured her own brand of magic.

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