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Romancing Our True Nature - The Art and Magic of Creating Mandalas

August 09, 2021

Romancing Our True Nature - The Art and Magic of Creating Mandalas
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Show Notes:

On today’s show I’m sharing a practice that’s focused on getting out in nature and having a creative dialogue with it, and how that practice helps you cultivate and nurture an empowered relationship between your ego and your soul, including:

  • guideposts for engaging in a dialogue with the mystery of nature
  • reverse creativity - letting the unknown guide your path forward
  • the longing for a romance between your ego and your soul, and how cultivating that relationship creates purpose and meaning

I share the challenges, rabbit holes and curious mysteries that have come with a commitment to making Mandalas from things gathered on walks, and how this undertaking is aligned with a powerful teaching on soul and ego by author, wilderness soul guide and agent for cultural change, Bill Plotkin.

The Mandalas live here:
Liz Wiltzen.com

Links to awesome humans mentioned:
Bill Plotkin Website
Schuyler Brown on her process of Mandala Making

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